1 Bedroom Apartments in Tallahassee

Looking for 1 bedroom apartments in Tallahassee?

Ok, I know what you guys are thinking. “There is no way I am going to live with a stranger!” and what I have to say to that is I completely agree. It is not to say that sometimes you can get lucky and find a fuhking awesome room mate, but the odds are really not in your favor. So its time to go on the hunt to find a nice place that doesn’t cost to much and have a place all to ourselves. GOODLUCK! If you are on the hunt for 1 bedroom apartments in tallahassee, be ready to fork some big money! If you have a $1000 budget, congratulations your parents really love you and care for your safety.


With $1000 you can actually find some really decent and good one bedroom apartments. The Grand Marc has a secure and decent place. Also Lexington Woods is a very nice place with wooden floors and quite area. The only bad thing about the neighborhood is that it is pretty far from campus and the kitchen was designed by an idiot! Literally, u cant place your plates and pots anywhere. The only alternative for your plates and pans is in the dish washer. Capital walk apartments, which is located at the ass of Tallahassee is a great place to live as well with that kind of  budget.


Now if your budget is around $500, then we are going to have to compromise with your living situations. Something has to go, its either safety or a nice decent looking apartment, or both. If you choosen both, I’ll get back to you in a second.

Affordable 1 bedroom apartments in Tallahassee 

If you rather let go of safety then I would suggest living in French Town. They have some pretty affordable properties for being in that area. They have a record for a high crime rate though. Now if you want safety but do not really care about the décor, I would suggest a colony club sub lease. Sub leasing is actually a very smart way to get good discounts and not even have to pay for a security deposit. Also check out “Valencia Apartments” I believe that is what they are called. The place is down Valencia street off from Tennessee st. I hear the landlord is an old lady who is very caring, understanding and last but not least AFFORDABLE!!!!


Lastly, if you are willing to live in Tallahassee with no security and looks then look into renting a duplex. They are affordable, and they can be a bit far from campus. I have seen signs that say one bedroom apartment for rent for $299 a month. I never really did research on that, and if you do please write below your experience.


1 bedroom apartments in tallahassee


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