Cheap Apartments in Tallahassee

Find Cheap Apartments in Tallahassee!

So you are looking for cheap apartments in Tallahassee. I think the first question is, are you rooming with a room mate or are you going solo. Because if you are going solo you should read my post about one bedroom apartments.


Now if you are looking for a place and sharing the rent, then you are going to save big $$$. Trust me when I tell you that. I recommend not to live in student housing because they charge by the room and not by the apartment as a whole. If you are charged by the room, be prepared to pay the mortgage on a mansion.


No joke.


Not only that, once your lease is up they will charge you for every little thing. And start billing you with fees if you run out of the security deposit.


These people are ruthless on how much they will charge for student housing. So here is my advise to finding cheap apartments in Tallahassee. Find places for rent that are managed by the owner. When you deal hand in hand with the owner of the property you will be amazed on the type of freedom you will have.


I once rented a three bedroom townhouse for only $275 per person/month. CHEAP!!! He didn’t charge me per room, he charged me as a whole! The monthly rent for the three bedroom townhouse was $825. It was a 1500 sq ft townhouse! It was near governor square mall and a 10 minute drive to campus, but $275 a month! Hell yea! I found other deals similar that were close to campus as well. You need to speak to the owner or else you will get ripped off !


So overall, do not rent through student housing and rent with an owner.


cheap housing apartments in tallahassee

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  1. Lauren

    Where was the place you staid by Governor Square Mall? My roommates and I are looking for a place for next year.

    1. admin

      I stayed at town square town homes. It is a place with no management, I just dealt with the owner. It is off Appalache and Paul Russell Rd.

      Address: 1515 Paul Russell Rd.

      I am sure if you drive around that area you will find signs for rent. Good Luck!

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