Dealing with a pot head roommate

Now I am sure you are reading this because you do not agree with pot smoking or maybe because you just do not like the smell of the smoke.


  1. If you do not agree with the pot smoking, that is completely ok. You are not weird or not “cool” if you don’t agree with it. Everyone has the right to like or dislike things. Now the main question is how do you deal with it?

a. Now if you think they shouldn’t smoke it at all around the premise you should approach them and ask if they can smoke elsewhere or than home.

b. If they give you a hard time, ask if they can move to another unit.

c. If they still give you a hard time, threatened that you are going to let management know.

d. If they still don’t care after that threat, then threaten that you will call the police.

e. And if they still don’t do anything about it, then just call the police and they will handle it.


Follow these steps and you wont be considered as being a douchy roommate who just called the police without any warning.

Now if you do not mind the smoking but want your roommate to smoke outside, then just tell them. Don’t be shy, say that you have asthma and that the smoke is bad for you. Always include a medical problem and they will feel extremely horrible and never do it again.


Good luck!


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