How to deal with a crazy roommate

You just signed a brand new lease, moved all your furniture into your room, filled the pantry with your food and finally meet your roommate. At first, this person seems to be normal and you feel like everything is going to be ok. Until one day you come back home from school or work and see a mess, an abundance amount of people, or starts to fight with you for no apparent reason.


That’s when you start thinking.


“What the fuhk did I get myself into!”


Then you start to realize that some of your shit is missing. Now your roommate is a thief too! WTF do you do??!?!?!?


1. Well first thing you need to do is to relax, and know that many people are going through the same shit.


2. Look at a copy of your lease to see any terms about break a lease or moving to another unit due to a crazy roommate.


3. Talk to management. If they are not helpful speak to someone in higher power.


4. Everything you do make sure it is in writing!!! (very important)


5. Try to sublease your property.


6. If they couldn’t help you and you have proof of trying to vouch for help, then you can stop paying your rent.


I know this sounds a bit risky, but by law if they don’t respond to you in thirty days then technically you do not have to pay rent. It is not your fault that there is negligence on their side.


You are trying to do the right thing by either


  1. move to another location
  2. talking to management about your problem


If the situation escalates further in either violence or stolen possession, then call the cops!


Do not waste any time with a serious issue!


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