Luxury Apartments in Tallahassee

Find Luxury Apartments in Tallahassee!

I gotta say that Tallahassee is by far the worst place to find luxury apartments. There just isn’t many properties out there to tell you the truth. The most popular I guess “luxury” apartment is West 10. Now they throw some pretty cool pool parties in the summer, but that is about it. Their apartments look like any ordinary apartment in Tallahassee. The complex is gated, but everyone tails each other to get in. In my opinion, do not stay at west 10! Their apartments are over priced and you do not get enough bang for your buck.
Luxury apartments I would have to say are in downtown and also in the All Saints area (SW region).


The best luxury apartments in Tallahassee is downtown Tallahassee, hands down The Tennyson has great views and is considered luxury. If you can fork over about $1400 a month for a one bedroom, I would highly recommended it. They even have a pent house that rents for somewhere around $3000 a month. Completely ridiculous, but you are in downtown, it is luxurious, and it is pretty close to school. In the All Saints area they have some townhouses that look pretty luxurious and pricey!


There is actually this new place on Gaines called “Lofts on Gaines” which is pretty good. Another place for luxury apartments in Tallahassee is the new College Town. I can not really say much about the lofts, but all I know is that the price is ridiculous, their interior pictures look great and the location is ridiculously close to campus. As for College Town they are new and will be the “it” place to be.


There is this property management team that actually deals with a bunch of luxury properties called dean properties. I would check them out, they have a handful of places that are decent to live.


On a final note, one thing you need to know about Tallahassee is that a vast majority of the housing is OLD! Luxury apartments in tallahassee is a rare find, but with new properties popping up every year I see that changing quickly.  So the best way to go in Tallahassee is to partner up with a roommate you know and who is not crazy and split the rent the ridiculous luxury rent. That strategy is by far the best way to save money on rent expenses. But if mom and dad are paying for it, fuhk it go live in downtown!


luxury apartments in tallahassee

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