Studio Apartments in Tallahassee

Looking for Studio Apartments in Tallahassee?

Studio apartments in Tallahassee is practically a dorm. The only difference is you have your own bathroom. But for the sake of this article since you are looking a small place to live there are a couple of places to check out that are near campus.

1. Downtown Tallahassee

The downtown area has studio apartments. They can range from 200 to 500 sqft and can cost around $1000 and up. This is a great location, but can be a bit difficult to find parking. Overall if you have the money to find a studio in the downtown area I would recommend it.

2. University Lofts

Extremely close to FSU campus, a bit pricey, but no need to find parking!

3. Value Place

This is actually a extended stay hotel. for around $500 to $800 a month you can get a 300 sqft studio. The plus side about this place is that there is no contract! The downside, it is pretty far from campus.

4. Lofts on Gaines

Be prepared to fork a ton a money per month for this lovely place. The loft looks good according to online pictures and hear that management is great according to some friends that live there.

5. Osceola Lofts

Walking distance to campus as well and has some pretty good reviews according to a couple of friends that live there.

Other than that I pretty much don’t have anything else to say about studio apartments in Tallahassee! BOOM!


studio apartments in tallahassee

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