Tallahassee Downtown Apartments

Tallahassee Downtown Apartments is the Place to Live!


The Tallahassee downtown apartments are the place to live in my opinion. Or maybe its because I’m a city person, if you want to call downtown Tallahassee a city… haha


Anyways, If you read my article about luxury living in Tallahassee you will find that The Tennyson is one of my favorite properties. If you are willing to put down an arm and a leg for a place, this is the place to stay at. It has security on the first floor, the apartment includes a balcony and breath taking views looking out towards FSU. What more can you ask for? The Tennyson is not a leasing apartment complex so you would have to get in contact with either an owner or realtor to rent. There are a bunch of videos on youtube, if you would like to get an idea how the place looks like. Here is one of them.





Tallahassee downtown apartments number two property is the Kleman Plaza. Downstairs you have restaurant 101 which serves great cocktails and dining. Also if you live here you will be foot steps away from the imax theater, the science museum, Harry’s Seafood, Andrew’s and more. It is actually a very great location to live and be next to lots of great places to dine and catch a movie.


Here is a site to find out more about living in downtown Tallahassee. —> Click Here


Other than that, there is lots of office space, hotels, and government buildings all round you.


I say yes to downtown living!


Tallahassee Downtown Apartments

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