To live near FSU campus or not?

Should I live near FSU campus or not?

Apartments in Tallahassee can be a headache to deal with, but educating yourself like your doing now is the best way to save a buck, and in the student world a buck can get you a lot. So should you live near FSU campus or not?


Well, if you choose to live near FSU campus be prepared to spend lots of cash per month. It is not CHEAP to live near campus. Now if you look around this site, I can tell you what is cheap and what is value for your money. If you look quick and don’t educate yourself you will hit your head knowing you could have saved $300 dollars a month if you did a little more research. So look around this site and EDUCATE yourself!


Now if you are considering on living away from campus, it is a smarter decision, but there a couple of things you need to put into consideration.


  1. Do you have a car?
  2. If you do is it a 4 cylinder or 8?
  3. Do you go to campus a lot?
  4. Are you near a bus stop?


Very important, number one, do you have a car? If you don’t, you shouldn’t live far from campus. Next is it a gas guzzler or not? If it is than don’t live far from campus. Third question about going to campus a lot, if you are then there is no point of living far. If you don’t have a car and you are near a bus stop, then you can possibly take the bus. I highly suggest you don’t! It’s a pain in the ass.


Well there you have it. Good luck!


live near fsu campus


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