Top 5 Apartments near FSU

Apartments near FSU

1. The Grand Marc

Number one on the list for top 5 apartments near FSU is the Grand Marc! If you got the $$$ then this is the place to stay. It is literally right next to campus. You need a key to enter into everything in this building. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start asking for it in the elevator. It is a safe place, but my god it is expensive. You would think you were getting a condo on the beach! But look on the bright side, you do not need a car other than to just go get groceries. You literally live a block away from the strip, two steps from the campus and live in a pretty cool pad.

GrandMarc student apartments put all of Tallahassee in walking distance. It brings a secluded atmosphere to the middle of the action, right across from FSU campus. Amenities include a pool, state of the art fitness center, and other great amenities that you can enjoy only available to residents and their guests.

Check out their selection of smart, flexible floor plans to find the best fit for you. Strike out on your own in a one bedroom or efficiency apartment, or bring the rest of your friends to a two, three, or four bedroom floor plan.


2. Colony Club

apartments near fsu colony club

Here is number 2! This place is advertised literally everywhere on campus. At first it was a bit worrisome, but after knowing tons of friends living there they have told me that it is great! Their prices are actually pretty good for being literally foot steps from FSU. Lots of events take place at Colony Club pool and club house, especially from greek organizations. I guess that can be a positive or a negative, whatever floats your boat. Anyways, I hear they are thinking about renovating the apartments with wood floors AND with no increase in price…. AWESOME! The club house has a pool table, a pool, barbecue and a mini gym. Price includes wifi and the works. Not bad Colony Club….Not bad….

Colony Club has over 400 units to fill with Tallahassee area students! From studying to socializing, they offer everything you need to make the most of your university experience.


3. Vila Dylano

apartments near fsu villa-dylano-building

Here we have Villa Dylano at number 3 for top apartments near FSU and here is why… Safety and location, location, location! That’s what it is all about. They have a pool and a gym, but the location of these apartments is gold. It is right next to all types of buses that go through the campus and buses that go around the city. Villa Dylano is just steps from FSU’s Doak Campbell Stadium. It’s the perfect student living community with large one, two, three, and four bedroom apartments. With seven unique floor plans to choose from, they can find the perfect fit for you. Each student apartment features large kitchens, roomy bedrooms and a spacious living area, great for entertaining and studying.

A good thing about this place is that all of their rental rates include Cable with HBO, High Speed Internet, Pest Control, Individual Lease Liability and 24-Hour Maintenance. Good luck finding that in other places.

And if you didn’t bring all your furniture from back home, no worries they got you covered with furniture as well.

Villa Dylano has great amenities, such as a pool, 24-hour gym (which not a lot people use), 24-hour computer lab and Professional on-site staff.

4. Campus Circle

apartments near fsu campuscircle

Number 4 for top apartments near FSU is the beautiful Campus Circle. It is pretty close to campus but not as close as the previous three. This place is very nice with all the amenities, but very very very and I repeat, very pricey! The only negative side about these apartments is that it is right next to a high crime rate area. The owners put a mansion in the ghetto… Why do that? oh yes…. MONEY! Other than that, this place rocks, just have a shotgun next to your bed, you should be fine…

Campus Circle is the newest and most luxurious apartment community to ever hit Tallahassee! They will be sure to have what your looking for…and much more!

At Campus Circle Tallahassee Apartments, you don’t live in a cramped dorm but instead have the freedom of an apartment in a welcoming environment! If you are looking to relax, enjoy their heated swimming pool and clubroom right outside your door. A good thing about this property is the fact they have open study rooms to study. You don’t have to go to the crowded library on campus. With their weekly resident events, you will never be bored.


5. Polo Club

apartments near fsu polo club

Last but not least number 5 for top apartments near FSU we have Polo Club. This place has a nice look with the brick walls and low rent rooms. I have to say this place for the price is not all that bad. The only bad thing is people steal at night so keep your car door locked! Remember this is Tallahassee. Tally is not the safest place in the world, so dont think everything is all good, because it is not! The place overall is a very cozy place and yes you will hear some people partying into the late hours of the night.


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